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Important Notice: Geenees App Closure

In light of recent market changes, the Geenees app is temporarily unavailable. While the app is closed for now, you can still connect with the Geenees team regarding partnership opportunities or any inquiries you may have.

We appreciate your understanding, and we reserve the right to reopen the Geenees app in the future. Thank you for your support.

Become a Corporate Geenee

Refresh your employee engagement efforts by launching an impactful engagement campaign with Geenees.

The Gift of Giving for Employees

This is the year of impact, join the ranks of those looking to amplify their social action efforts. Becoming a Corporate "Geenee" allows you to engage your employees in a meaningful way while empowering them to make an impact directly to those who need it the most. Geenees enables companies to foster a culture of giving through employee led corporate social action.

Get set up in 24 hours!

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How Geenees Works

Here's a glimpse on how Geenees makes giving easy. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1 - Icon.png

Give employees Geenees Credits ("e-gift cards")


Gift your employees an opportunity to grant wishes for families and causes they are passionate about.

Step 2 - Icon.png

Employees choose essentials to give


Each employee is verified and can see and choose causes and families they want to support. 

Step 3 - Icon.png

Make an impact


Employees use their credits and grant wishes directly on Geenees. The gifts are delivered directly.

Impact report v3.jpg

Engage your employees

Your employees want to do good, empower them to choose a family or a cause they are passionate about and give them credits to donate.

Get tax deduction receipt

Let us handle all Taxation documents for you, ensuring that you can meet your corporate reporting objectives.

Give directly contactless-ly, online

The donation amount goes directly to the family or nonprofit organization in a form of a product or service! And it’s all done online! 

Get an impact report

All Geenees families are vetted by registered nonprofit organizations. See their wishlist and know the exact impact you are making. You can even receive a thank you note from the family or organization you’re supporting, and we will track and report your impact back to you!

My company was looking for a way to give back to families in need during the holiday season and using the Geenees website made donating to those families a seamless process. We would definitely use again in the future 😊

Noelle Voluntad

Office Manager

Partners - SimCorp.png

Empower Employees with Giving

Geenees allows companies to empower their employees to do good by donating to issues that they care about. Not only will Geenees save you time and resources, but help you build a positive culture and brand reputation within your industry.


Sign up to get up and running today.

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