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Important Notice: Geenees App Closure

In light of recent market changes, the Geenees app is temporarily unavailable. While the app is closed for now, you can still connect with the Geenees team regarding partnership opportunities or any inquiries you may have.

We appreciate your understanding, and we reserve the right to reopen the Geenees app in the future. Thank you for your support.

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Attract a new generation of donors

Today’s donors are smart & engaged. They want to see an immediate, tangible impact in their community through their gift. Create long lasting trust with younger donors today.

Trusted by nonprofit partners

With Geenees, our nonprofit partners have been able to reach a new generation of engaged donors , empowering them to connect and build a brighter future for families in need. Direct, tangible impact is made possible with Geenees.

Donors love Geenees for its ease of use and transparency

Donors on Geenees can support issues they care about and make charitable giving from a single account, and nonprofits can do the same too. Manage your families, wishes, donations and tax receipts, all from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.


Geenees is designed to save you time and resources, while increasing your reach and accessibility to a new generation of donors.

Access a new donor pool

Donors want to see an immediate tangible impact with their donations. Build trust and transparency with Geenees.

Save time & resources

Our Geenees dashboard allows you to access your families, wishlists, donations and tax receipts in one place. Focus your time on your priorities while we handle the rest.

Increase reach & accessibility

Empower your donors to donate at any time of the day and across North America. Take it from the 62% of millennial donors who are open to making gifts using mobile apps.

Connect donors to families anonymously

Allow your families to receive items they truly need with dignity and respect while empowering donors to feel the impact with a thank you note.

Working with the Geenees team was an absolute pleasure... I especially appreciate the time that they took to really understand our needs and create an app experience that matched our culture and operating processes. I would strongly recommend the Geenees app to anyone that is seeking an attractive platform that makes gifting a fun and seamless process.

Andrea Wilder

Health & Wellness Manager

Nonprofit - BCIT SA.png

We joined Geenees in order to facilitate the in-kind donation process for our donors. Our in-kind donations have increased as a result, so yes, it has been a positive experience so far! 


Geenees' greatest benefit is that it streamlines the process of in-kind donations, which is beneficial both to our donors and to QBBE from the perspective that we can communicate clearly to donors what we need as an organization, and they can donate as needed.

Rachel Diotte-Lyles

Communications Liaison / Fundraising Assistant

Nonprofit - QBEE.png

The Geenees system helped us to deliver an effective way for us to create a wishlist, and for companies and individuals to purchase products through the app. This allowed us to funnel the toys to our office delivery - saving us much time in the process.


The Geenees team have been great to work with - understanding what we are looking for, as well as making changes to help adapt to our specific needs at YSM.

Jeff Abraham, Manager

Volunteer Resources

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How Organizations Use Geenees

Step 1 - Icon.png

Book a consultation


Ask questions to choose the plan that best fits your needs.

Our team is here for you!

Step 2 - Icon.png

Get listed on Geenees


Select a 3-months campaign or an annual plan, we get you all set up within a 30 min call.

Step 3 - Icon.png

Get donations!


After being listed, our team will guide you through setting up your first wishlist, using the dashboard, optimizing your experience and creating magic!


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We are here for you

Let our team @ Geenees set your organization up with ease and support so you can focus on helping your families build a brighter future. Join the community of  nonprofits on Geenees and get access to resources and updates driven by thought-leadership and an innovative perspective.


Schedule a demo with our team today.

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