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The Gift of Giving

The most unique and impactful gift you can give

The Gift that Gives Back...


Every year, you look for a unique gift for your loved ones, an invaluable one. With the recent impacts of the pandemic, we all want to give back to our communities and help others rebuild. Well, now you can combine your drive to have an impact with your desire to give to a loved one.


With The Gift of Giving, you can send Geenees credits to your loved ones, and allow them to donate necessities to families-in-need or causes they are passionate about. 

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Let's start giving!

Select when to Send


  1. The "Gift of Giving" program is currently available only in Canada. All credits may only be applied to Canadian nonprofits, charities and approved families on the Geenees platform. 

  2. The "Gift of Giving" is a monetary gift to an individual (like a gift-card) and is not considered a donation for tax purposes from the gift givers end. Only the recipient of the "Gift of Giving" credit will be able to apply the credit as a donation to the nonprofits, charities and families on the Geenees platform. Therefore, the Gift recipient is the one considered the Donor and may receive tax receipts for eligible donations; please note an eligible donation is a donation to a registered charity in excess of $20 CAD.

  3. The Gift recipient has 90 days to claim the credit and register as a donor. From that point, the Gift recipient will have 90 days to donate.  As donations are for families at risk with immediate needs, any remaining funds at the end of the 180 days will be donated by Geenees to families on the platform. In that case, no tax receipts would be given.


Congrats! You have sent a gift to give back.

Stay tuned to hear a huge "Thank you!" from your loved one ;)

Gift of Givng Form
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