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You too can make a difference

Geenees was completely self-funded up until now. But when we started exploring our funding plans we realized that for us, involving everyday people in the journey of creating Geenees is highly important as they will have the chance to make an impact in a completely different way.

What is equity crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding is a way to raise capital for private companies through community raise, thus the “crowdfunding” name. Through an online platform, such as, #GeeneesInvestors can support our mission by investing in Geenees from as little as $250. 

Geenees supporters are everywhere and having them joining us as co-owners in the business means they are now officially our advocates. They make a difference by allowing Geenees to develop and scale, creating a new way to give product and service donations for struggling families in our communities.

Investing is not for everyone, but impacting is.

Want to join on the ride?

Learn more about investing in Geenees

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