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Attract New Generation of Donors

Create trust and transparency with engaged donors through in-kind giving

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Nonprofits Say...

“Working with the Geenees team was an absolute pleasure... I especially appreciate the time that they took to really understand our needs and create an app experience that matched our culture and operating processes."
Andrea Wilder, Health & Wellness Manager,
BCIT Student Association.

Tap into a new donor pool

Become a tech-forward organization and build trust with new donors looking for transparency. Meet the Millennial donors' need for accountability around where their money goes.

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Save Time and Resources

Focus on your important initiatives and let Geenees handle the logistics of in-kind donations. Set up your organization with ease and support from a dedicated onboarding specialist.


Increase Accessibility and Reach

Empower your donors to donate at any time of the day and across North America. Take it from the 62% of millennial donors who are open to making gifts using mobile apps.

Access Additional Value

Join a community of nonprofit organizations and get access to resources and updates driven by thought-leadership and an innovative perspective.


Future-proof your organization

Manage families, wishlists, donations and tax receipts while keeping your data secure and maximizing nonprofit longevity with adopting forward-thinking efficient processes.


Connect Donors to Families anonymously

Allow your families to receive items they truly need with dignity and respect while empowering donors to feel the impact with a thank you note.


How it works

"Younger donors are the next generation’s philanthropists that desire involvement with organizations they support - Forbes"

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