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Our story

It all started with the desire to make real, personal connections and use technology to make the world a better place. 

Our founders, a happily married couple with two incredible kids, founded Geenees in 2017 as a platform for easy gift giving between people within the general public.

By 2019 it became clear that Geenees could make more impact in the nonprofit space. The platform could help facilitate gifts and donations, attract new types of donors to nonprofit organizations, eliminate unnecessary volunteer hours and deliver to families directly and anonymously.

When they realized the impact their growing platform could have, this led Geenees on a new and amazing journey.


Starting in BC, Canada, Geenees is now available throughout Canada, and will soon expand to the US.

Libi and Sergei are building a culture of trust, impact, engagement and professional development.

They would love for you to join their mission!

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Libi Berenson

Co-founder and CEO

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Sergei Berenson

Co-founder and CTO

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