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A family in need holding a child.

Help a family in need

Make wishes come true with Geenees Social Gifting

How It Works?

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What is Geenees?

The first product and service giving platform for families in need.
A Canadian startup that is led by an immigrant woman on a mission to impact those who need it most.

Why now?

In our virtual post-pandemic world, where human connection is so important yet so challenging to create, we need a better way to help others in need, directly, meaningfully, anonymously and virtually.

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Donors Say...

I got emotional yesterday, teared up, and haven’t been able to shake it ever since. I signed up to give a holiday gift to a family in need through the Geenees platform and was matched with two families. Two single mothers. And their lists literally broke my heart. Socks. Underwear. The most basic things that I buy for my kids without thinking twice. And short stories of their struggles because of the pandemic, because of job loss. Everyone keeps saying that we are all in the same boat but we are not. It’s the same storm but our boats are different. And I just got a reminder to be kinder, have more empathy, and help more. Thank you for this reminder through your meaningful work. "
Marina B.

Thank You Notes From Families

Nonprofits on Geenees

Registered nonprofits and charities create wishlists on Geenees and invite their chosen families to create one too.
This creates meaningful connections between their donors and families while facilitating a direct and contactless in-kind donation process. Check out our trusted nonprofits on Geenees below!

Interested to know more about joining as a nonprofit? 

Our Local Partners

From our Community - To our Community

Geenees is a unique market-place, where local retail and service partners can offer their products and services on Geenees for families in need to add to their wishlist and donors to grant them directly. Check out the local businesses we partner with!

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Interested in joining as a retail/service partner? Contact us

Our Story


It all started with the desire to make real, personal connections and use technology to make the world a better place. 

Our founders, a local immigrant couple with two small kids, founded Geenees in 2017 as a platform for easy gift giving between people within the general public.

By 2019 it became clear that Geenees could make more impact in the nonprofit space. The platform could help facilitate gifts and donations, attract new types of donors to nonprofit organizations, eliminate unnecessary volunteer hours and deliver to families directly and anonymously.

When they realized the impact their growing platform could have, this led Geenees on a new and amazing journey. Starting in BC, Canada, Geenees is now available throughout Canada, and continues to expand within the US.

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