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6 Tips for Equity Crowdfunding as a startup!

Geenees is excited to announce that our FrontFundr campaign has officially come to a close as of June 1st!

Thanks to our amazing investors, we raised 246% of our stated goal. Our campaign attracted 25 unique investors, and the total amount we raised is $615,153.

Our investors are just as passionate about our mission and values as we are, and they chose to invest with us because they truly believe in changing the way people give.

Being a startup, we are constantly evolving and adapting. Our team is dedicated to finding the best ways to grow the Geenees impact and the amazing work we are doing and will continue to do.

Being listed on FrontFundr allowed us to grow our investment pool and build meaningful connections with investors. Due to our campaign’s success, we wanted to pass along a few tips on things that worked for us onto fellow startups and entrepreneurs.

Here are 6 simple tips to help your startup attract investors:

  1. Networking is key: Talking to experts in your industry and sharing your story and idea, explaining your company’s mission and values, and what makes you unique, while truly listening to their questions and feedback is essential for a successful investment campaign.

  2. Have a representative from your company working with the FrontFundr team directly: FrontFundr has an incredible team of dedicated individuals who want to see you successful on their platform. Make sure you have someone on your team who is responsible for communicating with them directly to foster a responsive, collaborative and transparent environment towards success.

  3. Leverage FrontFundr as a way to build credibility and trust: Being transparent about the business is not easy, however it is key to build trust with your community. The fact you passed the due-diligence process before going live on the FrontFundr platform eliminates many questions you might get from new investors and builds credibility fairly quickly.

  4. Promote, promote, promote: Do podcasts, clubhouse interviews, live pitches, leverage your connections and do anything you can to promote your page to reach the widest possible audience. Find your audience, and make sure you are tailoring your promotions to the audience that can be your advocate forward, and not only your investor.

  5. Get comfortable on camera: It might be hard for some, and it takes practice, but short videos about your company or organization’s progress are very helpful and give a sense of movement and trust. Having investors and potential investors be able to see you or your team members establishes a more personal connection to your company and your cause, and shows the humans behind the scenes and why they are committed to the cause.

  6. Regular updates: Make sure your team is posting regular updates on FrontFundr and sharing on your other social media pages to keep investors, potential investors, customers, and your target audiences in the loop.

“We hope these and other ideas will set you up for success in your next funding round, we wish you all the best and remember, there is always someone crazy enough to believe in what you do :)”
Libi Berenson

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Team Geenees

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