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The Future of Corporate Giving

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

According to the Business Development Bank of Canada, corporate social responsibility is an organization’s commitment to manage the social, environmental, and economic effects of its operations in a responsible manner.

Businesses often create volunteer and giving opportunities for their employees that connect back to the values of their business through CSR programming.

Benefits of corporate social responsibility practices include:

  • Attracting positive attention.

  • Minimizing environmental impact.

  • Attracting top talent and innovation.

  • Establishing direct links and fostering connections with local communities.

How Has COVID-19 Impacted Holiday Giving This Year?

There is a lot of uncertainty in the business world this year due to COVID-19 and its ramifications. The world has shifted, and everyone is trying to adapt to these shifts. Businesses are investing more money into PPE and safety protocols, their employees are working from home, and face-to-face contact has been limited like never before.

During all of these changes, there are individuals and families in need who have fallen through the cracks. As we get closer to the holiday season it’s clear that holiday giving during this pandemic doesn’t look the same as before.

Businesses and individuals provided help in person, through food drives, gift drives, or soup kitchens in years gone by. But this year, volunteers and donors are now unable to take advantage of these traditional ways to give.

How Can Geenees Help With Your Organization’s CSR Program?

Geenees can help you ramp up your Corporate Social Responsibility program by connecting with the nonprofits you’re eager to support. From there, the nonprofit and the individuals they support will create wishlists of items they actually need, and your employees can purchase these items directly in-app.

  • Business donors will develop personal connections through our donations process - organizations can pick nonprofits or individuals to support that tie into their organization’s values.

  • Donations are entirely contactless - Geenees is 100% digital for donors, families, and our partners. Geenees has integrated with Amazon and Stripe to ensure that the donations process - from purchasing to delivery - is online from start to finish.

  • Geenees allows for local organizations to give back and support members of their local community, just as the local community has continued to support local organizations during this pandemic.

Geenees offers an entirely virtual, contactless solution for your organization’s CSR programs.

Ready to boost your organization’s CSR program this holiday season?

Contact Geenees today!

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