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Give your items a second home

Our families need your second hand items, let us deliver for you.

Find a New Home for your Second-hand Donations

If you’re ready to say goodbye to items you no longer need and want to find them a new home - we help pick up your second-hand donations and give them to a family at risk through our donation pickup service.


After you fill out the form below, we’ll send out one of our team members to collect the items from your address. Your items will get another life with a vetted family at risk from a local nonprofit in your community!

Please Note: Our pick-up and delivery services are currently only available in the lower mainland of BC.

Let's start giving!

Request a Second Hand Donation Pickup
Select item size and fee
Upload File

* "Item" is ONE piece of donation. Fill out a separate form per each item donated.

Note that a medium size box (18 1/8” x 18” x 16” (W x L x H), 3 cu/ft.) is considered one item that includes smaller pieces inside. 

* Please note that we are unable to pick up any item over 60lb or over 1 meter in length, width or height

Pickup Address


  1. The “Second Hand Donations” program is currently available only in lower mainland BC, Canada.

  2. All items will be donated and delivered to families in need and nonprofits listed on the Geenees platform.

  3. We reserve the right to politely refuse items that do not meet our standards for the health and safety of families or the Geenees's team.

  4. Cancellations and refunds: 

    • You may cancel your payment up to 24 hours before pick up to receive a 100% refund. No refunds for late cancellations.

    • In case a Donor does not show up for the pick up, there will not be any refunds on the payment. However, any item meeting quality assurance will be picked up by the Geenees team.

    • In case The Geenees team refuses a donation due to the quality of the item, there will be a 80% refund on the pick up fee.

  5. Unfortunately at this time, charitable tax receipts will not be issued for second-hand donations due to the interchangeability of guidelines from various nonprofit organizations.


Hooray! We will contact you in the next 2 business days to schedule a pick up.

Second Hand giving
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