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The Chain of Good

Second-hand giving network that creates magic

Imagine being matched with a family that can make use of your second-hand items and continue the cycle by passing them on to others. We all have items we wish to give to those who genuinely need them, and sometimes, we find ourselves in need as well.

'The Chain of Good' by Geenees represents a new and sustainable way of assisting each other.

This platform is exclusively for those we can trust, which is why participation invitations are extended by referrals only.


Launching in early 2024 - join the exclusive waitlist to be the first to receive updates once we launch.

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Join the exclusive waitlist for trusted individuals and families, and be the first to know when 'The Chain of Good' has launched

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Thanks for signing up!You will be the first to know once we launch!

Would you be willing to pay to be matched with a family you can give or receive relevant items to/from?

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