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Now Officially Launching in the United States - the New Age of In-kind Giving for Nonprofits

Company Update

Since 2019, Geenees has been on a mission to digitally transform the nonprofit sector and help them positively impact their community - one wish at a time. This has included various product updates and alterations based on a constant feedback loop from our nonprofit partners and donors. After seeing success in Canada we are now ready for the next step.

Today, the Geenees team is excited to announce that we are officially launching in the United States!

Our big launch will happen in conjunction with attending the Next After NIO Summit, taking place from the 20th to 23rd in Kansas City!

We are excited to attend and share with 1000+ nonprofit professionals, from around the United States, how the Geenees platform can help them achieve their giving goals - from streamlined processes, wishlists set up in minutes, a nonprofit dashboard built for you and a giving experience that aligns with a new generation of donors.

All Attendees at the NIO Summit will also have an opportunity to win unique prizes, so if you will be attending, be sure to drop by the Geenees booth!

What does this mean for nonprofit organizations in North America?

With Geenees growing every day, we hope to take you along this journey with us. This means helping you be ready for the modern giving world and help your organization deliver impact for years to come.

Above all, as a company, we are committed to delivering the best possible experience for our nonprofit partners - and thus will take into account your feedback as well as continue to provide you with continuous product updates that keep you prepared and up-to-date when attracting younger generations of donors.

Reach out to one of our dedicated Business Development Lead’s below and let’s talk about how we can future-proof your nonprofit, together:

Here for you,

Team Geenees

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