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Geenees is now a part of the Blackbaud Social Good Startup Program!

Joining forces with Blackbaud to create value.

The Geenees team, led by our passionate founders Libi & Sergei Berenson, is so excited to announce that we have been selected as one of 6 innovative startups participating in the Blackbaud technology accelerator - 2023 cohort - also known as the Social Good Startup Program.

With a cutting-edge product portfolio including Raiser’s Edge NXT, eTapestry and YourCause - Blackbaud continues to be at the forefront of innovation and social good. The company's Social Good Startup Program is focused on supporting early-stage software companies catered towards solving problems that matter. Thus far, Blackbaud has accelerated 45 startups and helped them raise a total of $125 million in funding.

All startups participating in the accelerator complement Blackbaud's existing work and help to bring forth new and innovative solutions for Blackbaud’s customer base. Geenees will now be offering our innovative in-kind giving platform to thousands of nonprofit organizations using Blackbaud products, through the Blackbaud Marketplace.

This increases the Geenees platform's accessibility to nonprofits and empowers organizations to leverage this opportunity to create trust and transparency with new and younger generations of donors - while facilitating online product and service giving with ease. Nonprofits can now tap into the modern world of giving with Geenees and digitally upscale their giving processes.

Finally, through the Social Good Startup Program, Geenees will now be able to leverage Blackbaud resources and opportunities to accelerate growth and provide even greater product functionalities and updates. This will continue to drive value and direct impact for our nonprofit partners and community alike.

Want to support our road ahead?

Get listed on Geenees today as a registered nonprofit organization - and accelerate your social impact and reach, with us. Access unique resources and work with us to drive the modern age of giving.

Here for you,

Team Geenees

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