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Creating Impactful Wishlists as a Nonprofit Organization

Geenees Product Demonstration

As a nonprofit organization working towards impacting individuals and families in need, it is important to prioritize not only transparency but impact when making wishlists. We have put together a short list of common do’s and don’ts when putting together impactful wish lists on Geenees that help optimize both the giving experience and tapping into a new generation of donors.

Do’s of Wishlist Creation

  1. Prioritize specificity - transparency is at the heart of Geenees and we believe that every wishlist that highlights the specific organization or family story (of course while preserving anonymity) allows donors to build a meaningful connection.

  2. Promote accessibility to give - when making your wishlist, ensure that you’re adding a large number of essential products or services donors can give towards and connect with. Another way to promote accessibility is by listing second-hand items wherever possible for donors who may want to give tangible items rather than monetary donations.

  3. Post-donation experience matters! Using our platform, families and nonprofits can send donors with a thank you note allowing them to truly feel the impact, while building a meaningful relationship. This small action can allow your nonprofit organization to help reinforce your donor relationships and possibly promote a recurring donation experience.

Don’ts of Wishlist Creation

  1. Asking for inappropriate items - Geenees is a platform built to help nonprofits and families at risk get the most essential products and services, thus staying true to this idea it is important to ensure all products or services listed on your wishlist are essential.

  2. Lacking transparency - if donors are unable to discern who their donation is impacting they may feel hesitant to give. For instance, younger donors today value transparency in knowing exactly what their donation is going towards and the exact impact they have.

  3. Not keeping your wishlists current - by ensuring that your wishlist is current and up to date on Geenees allows one to receive products and services actually required in real-time and reflective of the organization or families current needs. As a good practice we recommend updating all wish lists every 2-3 months.

Maximizing Accessibility to elevate your Wishlists

As the second point of “Do’s” when making wish lists highlights, it is important to provide donors with accessibility when making donations - essentially to give in a way that suits them (whether that is a gently used item they want to give another life to or a product they would like to purchase for a family at risk).

To support this point of accessibility and in light of spring cleaning season, we have put together a short demo on how second-hand donations and the wishes management process looks from the perspective of nonprofit organizations on Geenees! Check it out below!

Are you a nonprofit organization looking to get listed on Geenees and creating your own wishlist to impact those in need? Check out how to get listed here!

Here for you, Team Geenees

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