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Geenees continues to grow: Our Midyear Company Update!

As many Canadians kickstarted the month of July with the long weekend, we are officially halfway through 2022! In light of this, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate some milestones the Geenees team has achieved thus far! Here is a quick recap of our top 5 milestones in 2022 (in no particular order):

  1. Top 25 in New Ventures BC - For a second year in a row, Geenees was selected as one of the Top 25 startups for New Ventures BC! This achievement allows Geenees to continue to receive recognition for the important work we do everyday in digitally upscaling giving experiences, while continuing to prioritize impact for those who need it most! Stay tuned in upcoming weeks to see where this journey takes us as we hope to progress further in the competition!

  2. 8 Riveting Modern Giving Articles - In these past 6 months, the Geenees team, spearheaded by our thought leader and CEO Libi Berenson, have worked tirelessly to release relevant content for nonprofit organizations looking to both understand and implement a new age of giving. From topics such as “Nonprofits are falling behind on attracting younger donors. Here’s how to fix that.” to “The Top 15 Online Donation Platforms for Nonprofits in 2022” and even a free downloadable checklist for nonprofits, our collection of innovative insights continues to grow!

  3. Joining the New Tech Undivided Cohort and the Altitude accelerator - Geenees was recently chosen as part of the New Tech Undivided Cohort! This is an initiative by Venture Lab which focuses on empowering women tech founders to grow. In addition to this, Geenees is also part of the Altitude accelerator which helps innovative businesses scale. These accelerators will present our giving platform with insightful guidance and an opportunity to take Geenees to new heights along the way!

  4. Refreshing our Donor Giving Experience - As we continue to grow our product offering for nonprofit organizations across North America, we are simultaneously working to enhance our donor experience as well! We recently refreshed our grant a wish process for donors, now including a more visual representation of the causes a donor can give to as well as ease when filtering by wish type and location!

  5. Addition of new members to the Geenees family - In these past 6 months we have welcomed many new members to the Geenees family to continue to drive growth for various nonprofit organizations across the country! This includes welcoming a new Business Development Lead who will be focused on building relationships with organizations and companies alike! Stay tuned for an introduction of the Geenees team on our website!

  6. Expanding the Nonprofit Backoffice’s Functionalities - The team has also been working to expand our product offerings, such as adding a new feature for nonprofit organizations which allows organizations to manage and group wishlists through the Nonprofit Backoffice. In addition to this, organizations will soon be able to use the backoffice to collaborate with their team members internally. Finally, Geenees has added a new onboarding flow for nonprofit organizations which provides an organization with a catered product recommendation based on their needs!

Stay tuned as we continue to revamp our donor experience and implement additional functionalities for nonprofit organizations! If you are a nonprofit organization ready to adopt a new age of giving and a modern in-kind experience, be sure to sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter!

Here for you,

Team Geenees

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