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Geenees Nonprofit Spotlight - Quebec Board of Black Educators (QBBE)

At Geenees, one of our founding pillars has always been community, more specifically, building a tight-knit community of amazing nonprofit organizations across North America. To foster this feeling, our team ensures not only supporting an organization every step of the way, but also creating relationships through a dedicated community channel. In light of this sentiment, every month we will be highlighting a nonprofit organization listed on Geenees - touching on everything from why they joined to their experience with us. Starting off this initiative we have QBBE, a nonprofit organization located in Montreal.

Who is QBBE and what is their mission?

With experience of 50+ years, QBBE works towards “being a learning and research institution committed to the pursuit of excellence in educational opportunities for multicultural/intercultural communities”. The organization wants to continuously encourage and support improvements within the education system of Quebec, with a focus on equitable distribution and access to communities of colour. QBBE is always seeking to provide the best opportunities for all to pursue education, which “in turn will impact social and economic achievements”. Primarily, the organization serves multicultural and intercultural families alongside elementary and high school students.

Why did QBBE join Geenees and what has been their experience?

Starting their Geenees journey in August 2021, when asked about why the organization opted for the platform alongside their experience thus far, here is what they said.

“We joined Geenees in order to facilitate the in-kind donation process for our donors. Our in-kind donations have increased as a result, so yes, it has been a positive experience so far!”

How does the organization use Geenees and what has been the biggest benefit?

Currently, the organization uses Geenees to create wishlists of essential items required both in their elementary school classroom and other items requested by families they work with. Here is what they had to say about the benefits of the platform!

“Geenees' greatest benefit is that it streamlines the process of in-kind donations, which is beneficial both to our donors and to QBBE from the perspective that we can communicate clearly to donors what we need as an organization, and they can donate as needed.”

How has Geenees transformed QBBE’s giving experience?

One of the core purposes of Geenees is to upscale an organization’s giving experience whilst keeping a donor's accessibility at top of mind. In the words of QBBE they found that using Geenees, “Donors can now personalize their contributions and have a greater say in where their donations go”.

Geenees has the QBBE stamp of approval!

Finally, when asked about whether QBBE would recommend the platform to another nonprofit organization, QBBE said “Yes”! The Geenees team is grateful to support such a great organization in their endeavors for equitable education!”

Are you a nonprofit organization looking to upscale your in-kind giving process whilst increasing accessibility and reach for a new generation of donors! Well, Geenees has you covered! Check out how to get listed here or sign up for an info-session for a hands-on experience.

Here for you,

Team Geenees

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