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How to set up the ideal Back-to-School wishlist on Geenees!

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As we gear on towards Back-to-School season this summer, we know as a nonprofit organization this can mean a lot of time spent organizing and planning for donations. However, with Geenees, you can create the perfect Back-to-School wishlist for your organization - all within minutes! This means more time for you to continue to drive change within your community.

Using our Nonprofit Dashboard, we guarantee you ease and accessibility to facilitate your most stress-free yet impactful back-to-school campaign yet! To help support this goal, detailed below are 5 easy ways you can use Geenees to not just set up your wishlists, but also optimize them for success and donor relationships!

Setting up your Back to School campaign on Geenees

  1. Create a Back-to-School hamper wish - Using our Nonprofit Dashboard you can simply set up a “Back-to-School hamper” category in which you can add all the school supplies required!

  2. For upcoming school events - Create a fundraiser wishlist to get specific donations through Geeneesl. Make sure to add a description for donors to get insight behind your vision and how a single donation can help create impact. An example could be having a fundraiser for a school daycare program or an extracurricular club!

  3. Empower families in need with technology - If your organization does not need brand new products for programs, you can help give products a second life through requesting a second-hand option! For instance, you can create second-hand wishes for laptops or tablets to support and empower education this Back-to-School season!

  4. Elevate your efforts with meaningful content - Creating catered and shareable content about your Back-to-School campaign on Geenees can help increase donations! As an example, an organization can leverage a mix of valuable newsletters and social media posts that drive donors back to their wishlist and make it easy for them to support your cause.

  5. Show gratitude with a Thank You note - Using Geenees, both nonprofit organizations and the families themselves can send meaningful “Thank You” notes to the donor which allows them to feel a tangible connection and impact stemming from their donation! This can be pivotal in building long-term relationships.

Ready to get started?

Join us and access all platform features with a 3-month campaign subscription this summer/fall! Click the link below to get started

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